Campaign Against Hate.

If you support gay rights and oppose Muslim homophobes, then you’re guilty of a “hate” crime, i.e. Islamophobia. But if like many Muslims you oppose homosexuality, then you’re guilty of another “hate” crime, i.e. homophobia. All bollox, innit?

The following utterly appalling stuff is definitely not “hate”, please note…

  • Halal animal cruelty does not = hate.
  • Migrating to another country and trying to impose your own legal system is not hate.
  • Female genital mutilation is not hate.
  • Homophobi does not = hate.
  • Jihadism is not hate.
  • Killing cartoonists is not hate.
  • Hate preachers do not hate.
  • Wife beating is not hate.
  • Suicide bombing is not hate.
  • The passages in the Koran which condone or at least are indifferent to slavery do not equal hate.
  • Burning down churches in Nigeria does not = hate.
  • Raping Yazidis in the Middle East does not = hate.
  • Blowing up statues of Buddha does not = hate.
  • The insulting remarks in the Koran about infidels, Jews and Christains does not = hate.
  • About half the members of “you know which” religion worldwide think anyone leaving the religion should be killed. That’s not hate.
  • For many years, Muslim leaders at the UN have tried to have all criticism of Islam banned world-wide. Opposing free speech is a central characteristic of fascism, which does not = hate.

Doubtless the nutjobs who write for the Guardian and other leftie journalists can’t work out which religion equals hate, but perhaps you can work it out. Plus a sizeable proportion of the political left thinks the above litany of hate equals “cultural enrichment”. Makes Donald Trump look like a beacon of sanity. Hilarious innit?

Another form of hate that should be abolished.

For years, the hate motivated political left has accused all and sundry of fascism / racism / xenophobia / hate / Nazism etc and about 99% of the time without so much as the beginnings of an attempt to justify the insult. Accusing people of the latter crimes with giving an EXTREMELY GOOD explanation is a particularly nasty form of HATE.

In fact you have to wonder how many words lefties know apart from fascism, racism, xenophobia etc. George Orwell said long ago that the word fascism was so overused that it had become virtually meaningless. He also said that a significant proporton of lefties are so brainless that their only way they have of attracting attention to themselves is to attack their own country and culture.

The material below this heading will be refreshed about once a week.

Please note that the two individuals on the left below are female and non-white, which according to PC logic means they cannot possibly be wrong. 

Too dumb to defend your views in an open honest debate? Don’t worry. Do what Hitler and Stalin did and what thousands of lefties do nowadays: try to get those who disagree with you censored !!!!

“The only diversity worth a damn is intellectual diversity, but that is actively discouraged.” – Pat Condell.  (You can follow Pat Condell on

(Oh my God.  Macron says blasphemy / Islamophobia is no crime!! That’ll be the end of civilisation as we know it (ho ho). – Mind, members of the Euro elite, much like the Westminster based elite spend most of their time saying one thing one day and the opposite the next, so we shouldn’t attach too much importance to that pronouncement by Macron.

Twitter is for leftie w*nkers…..
Are you a leftie who gets “offended” when anyone disagrees with you? Don’t worry: just put your stuff on Twitter. Most people with right of centre views who are tempted to answer you won’t do so, because if they persist with their right of centre views on Twitter, they’ll eventually get banned. It’s a bit like dictators who allegedly ACTUALLY BELIEVE the flattering things their newspapers say about them. Doesn’t occur to them (apparently) that the absence of critics stems from the fact that anyone who dares criticise gets sacked from their jobs, shot or whatever.

Of course it’s possible the same level of “censorship” applies in the comments section after articles in right wing newspapers, like the Daily Mail and Telegraph. But certainly Twitter is a “safe space” for lefties.